Kamiya Hikaru is a hardworking popular idol and one of the love interests in Seiyuu Danshi!. Edit

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Hikaru has a two-faced personality. The reason for this is that he is forced by his company to have a herbivore-guy image. While his real self is the complete opposite of it. He is often called a tsundere by the MC because of this.

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  • Clothing style : Preppy(Beautiful Sanctuary),Casual(Fashionista)
  • X'mas gift : Casual T-shirt

Touch [Dating]


  • Before the lover distorted touch It's all over,but it won't work after being in love


  • TV Station,Cinema,Shopping Mall

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Buying things for them gets their happiness up (whether they are enjoying the date or not) Touching them gets their love interest up (whether or not they are gaining more interest in you)

  • Restaurants are probably the easiest, as he will enjoy the date more when you buy more food. He likes the movie theater and the anime store, but buying items there won’t get you more turns like the restaurant will.
  • Hikaru is difficult, being the tsundere of course, he dislikes being touched on the neck, head, and his lower arms. He’s ok with shoulder rubs and upper arm rubs. ALSO, he’s one of the few characters that really enjoys being talked to, not just given things and touched.

Audition Edit

  • Fushigi World(When you win Audition)
  • The Real You

Ending choice,Unlock cheat Edit

  • Stay
  • Leave(Bad ending)

Cheat Edit

  • Max Fame Back

Sexual Preference,CG List Edit

Sexual Preference::

Top, Dominant [How to get CG List other]

***Some pictures have to use words when having sex. By words that will be used Must go to the cinema first And choose to watch adult movies Therefore can use words

--- Must do quests before watching movies. With the image mode and the front end Try to find it because it is secretly translated into English for easy reading.---

CG List

1.Hiding from the fangirls

  • Date: Day time, shopping mall 

2.He is a softie

  •  Date: Day time, Cinema 

3.Have a good sleep

  •  Date: Day time, TV Station 

4.Outdoor yukata sex (he as top)

  •  Date: 27/7 
  • Accept Hikaru as top Or Claim to be top and lose the game of hammering 

5.Outdoor yukata sex (him as bottom)

  •  Date: 27/7 
  • Do not accept Hikaru to top and win the hammer 

6 .Kissing him

  •  Date: Night date, foreplay 
  • Using interactive mouth on Hikaru 

7.In the room

  •  Date fitting : Day time, shopping mall 

8.Spanking him

  •  Date: Day time, TV Station 


  • 1. You have to buy egg vibrator and unlock the related scene.
  • 2. Did the quest of the guard NPC at Cinema. 

9.Hikaru's first blowjob

  •  Date: Night date, foreplay 

10.Being fingered by him

  •  Date: Date night, foreplay 

11.Hikaru's revenge

  •  Date: The first date after July 27, foreplay 

On July 27 choose Hikaru bottom and win a game of rock-paper-scissors (might vary with each playtrough) . On the first date after that 2 kids will play the game in the hotel again, you have to lose this time to CG trigger. So remember to save when they set foot in the hotel 

12.Kitties playing together

  •  Date: Night date, foreplay 
  • Req: Wear kitty costume for Hikaru many times.

Note: It still counts the number of times even when Hikaru's costume wears and chooses to skip foreplay. After 4 ~ 5 times skip skip costume for Hikaru and play foreplay mode to trigger CG. 

13.Meeting Ponpon!

  •  Date: October 19 

14.Santa Hikaru

  •  Date: December 25 


  •  Date: 10/12 
  • Req: Fame is popular ~ Superstar, don't skip November 19. 

16.Surprise kiss

  •  Hikaru best end CG==References==