Nakane Shuu, is a novelist who hires the MC to become his "assistant". Edit

He is one of the five characters the player can choose to pursue in the game.

Appearance Edit

Shuu is usually seen in his white bathrobe, which is slightly open at the front.

Personality Edit

Shuu has a somewhat difficult personality. He is hard to read, the reason being that he can look disinterested and emotionless, even at times that he is actually interested.

He does however like to treat the MC like his pet.

History Edit

Like and Location Edit


  • Clothing style : Casual(Fashionista)
  • X'mas gift : New Planner

Touch [Dating]


  • Hand,Head,Face


  • Neck


  • Restaurant,Bookstore,Mansion

**Before meeting this person You have to go to the mansion first. Then enter the elevator Will have to enter the code to Pim that Ponpon will find this person**

Dates Edit


Buying things for them gets their happiness up (whether they are enjoying the date or not) Touching them gets their love interest up (whether or not they are gaining more interest in you)

  • So far I’ve been able to see that Shuu enjoys going to both the bookstore and the restaurant. Bookstore I get him magazines and pretty much anything that raises his smile meter, same with food at the restaurant. He also LOVES any flavor of ice cream, but it won’t earn you extra turns
  • This boy is WEIRD. He really likes his mouth touched, but be careful not to touch his neck, as he doesn't like being touched there. He’s fine with head pats and chest and arm rubs.

Audition  Edit

  • NONE

Ending choice,Unlock cheat Edit

  • Let him do what he wants
  • Stop him (bad end)

Cheat Edit

  • Max Money Back

Sexual Preference,CG List Edit

Sexual Preference::

Top, Submissive [How to get CG List other]

***Some pictures have to use words when having sex. By words that will be used Must go to the cinema first And choose to watch adult movies Therefore can use words

--- Must do quests before watching movies. With the image mode and the front end Try to find it because it is secretly translated into English for easy reading.---

CG List

1.Nursing him back to health

  •  Date: Day time, Mansion 

2.Shuu is too cute! <3

  •  Date: Day time, Mansion 

3.Fun time at the beach

  •  Date: July 16 

4.Our first kiss

  •  Date: Night date, foreplay 
  • Using an interactive mouth on Shuu's
  • Note: CG also has a version when you spend time for Shuu on the time and version when you go to the hot springs. 

5.Shuu giving me a blowjob

  •  Date: Nightdate, foreplay 

6.69 play with Shuu

  •  Date: Nightdate, foreplay 
  • Req: Shuu is dominant
  • Use an interactive mouth on penis. 

7.Sexy time with Shuu

  •  Date: 1st night date 
  • Select as bottom. 

8.Pounding him from behind

  • Date: 1st night date 
  • Choose as top

9.Showering together

  •  Date: 1st night date 

10.Naughty doctor play with Shuu

  •  Date: ??? 
  • Req: Doctor costume.
  • Buy doctor costume size XL and use it in foreplay mode. After a few days Shuu will automatically find you after VA class. 

11.Grope grope

  •  Date: Day time, mansion 

12. Playing with Mya

  •  Date: Day time, bookstore 
  • Note: You cannot feed your pet before triggering this CG

13.Naughty time at the hotspring

  •  Date: 8/11 

14. Spending Christmas day together

  •  Date: December 25, 


  •  Date: 10/12 
  • Req: Fame is popular ~ Superstar, don't skip November 19.

16.Unwrapping my present

  • Shuu best end CG