Shibusawa Toshiyuki is the new Director of the VA Agency. Edit

He is one of the five characters the player can choose to pursue in the game.

Appearance Edit

Toshiyuki has short hair, with a classy side parting. He wears a pair of glasses. And is usually seen in a suit or other classy/elegant clothing.

Personality Edit

He is a health-enthusiast and a clean freak. He usually acts as a parent or "mom" to Haato.

History Edit

Like and Location Edit


  • Clothing style : Elegant(Region),Preppy(Beautiful Sanctuary)
  • X'mas gift : Necktie

Touch [Dating]


  • Hand,Chest,Arm


  • Don't touch the neck and up
  • **Can touch lips after becoming Lover**


  • Tocchan can be seen at the Agency on Thursday's, Monday's and on Friday's.
  • Tocchan can be seen at the Park on Saturday's. ,
  • Tocchan can be seen at the Mart on Tuesday's.
  • Tocchan can be seen at the Bookstore on Wednesday's.

Note: Edit

  • 1. Tocchan has a special scene when calling the evening after becoming a lover. 
  • 2. Do the kindergarten teacher's quest at the park for an apron because it will trigger the special sex scene. 

 Dates  Edit


Buying things for them gets their happiness up (whether they are enjoying the date or not) Touching them gets their love interest up (whether or not they are gaining more interest in you)

  • For dates with Tocchan, he seems to enjoy going to the bookstore the most. (It’s also way cheaper). Buying items at the bookstore will not get you extra turns but if you keep touching Tocchan then you will max out the love meter for the date. Buy him books or magazines to get the happiness up. He also likes the CD shop at the mall and getting classical and jazz CDs
  • Tocchan does NOT like to be touched on from the neck up, however he seems to be ok with having his arms, hands, shoulders, and chest touched.

Audition  Edit

  • Love Life
  • Starting commericial ads 
  • Teacher and I 
  • Yandere Girlfriend 
  • Fushigi World (Tocchan MUST be in the Agency when you pick this job)
  • Tales of Exteria 
  • Life as a cat isn't that bad! 

Ending choice,Unlock cheat Edit

  • What do you want to do?
  • You should do what feels right to you (bad end)

Cheat Edit

  • Secret Character Route

Sexual Preference,CG List Edit

Sexual Preference::

Top, Dominant [How to get CG List other]

***Some pictures have to use words when having sex. By words that will be used Must go to the cinema first And choose to watch adult movies Therefore can use words

--- Must do quests before watching movies. With the image mode and the front end Try to find it because it is secretly translated into English for easy reading.---

CG List

1.Beach with Tocchan

  • Date: 16/7

2.Falling asleep during the movie

  • Date: Day time, Agency

3.High school Tocchan

  • Date: Day time, Agency

4.Tocchan reading out H-novel

  • Date: Day time, Bookstore

5.Being disturbed

  • Date: Sunday
  • This event is only triggered when you do not select bad end choice.

6.Kissing Tocchan

  • Date: Night date, foreplay mode only

7.Blowjob from Tocchan

  • Date: Night date, foreplay mode only
  • CG will be easier to trigger if you are top.

8.Sadistic Tocchan

  • Date: Day time, angecy
  • Req: Tocchan must be top.

9.Rimming him

  • Date: Date night, foreplay mode only 
  • Req: Must have sex toy rope. Haato must be top. For the first time, try to play the rope a few more times.  

10.Older me x younger Tocchan

  • Date: Date night, foreplay mode only 
  • Req: After High school Tocchan event (CG no.3) takes place. Must have costume uniforms.  

11.Tocchan as human plate

  • Date: 11/11  

12. Office sex - him as top

  • Date: 10/12 
  • Req: Tocchan must be top.  

13. Office sex - him bottom

  • Date: 10/12 
  • Req: Tocchan must be bottom.  

14.Christmas Miracle

  • Date:12/25  

15.Cooking lesson

  • Tocchan best end CG